Worried about the Google Partners Exam?


You’re not alone. Thousands of aspiring digital marketers and SEO’s are prepping for the Google Partners exam. This brings about an opportunity to share a link for a practice exam that is a helpful tool in preparations for the exam.

A few of the major topics on the exam consist of Google Adwords and the various facets within, including: Google search & display, Keyword planner, and deeper tools like Google remarketing. Remarketing hasn’t been touched on so far by this page but that’s not due to a lack of importance. Remarketing is the concept of reaching out to the customers that have already been to your page.

To dig a bit deeper, lets go over an example of remarketing. Say you’re running a website for a ticket exchange. Customers will come and go as they please but not always find what they are seeking. What remarketing will allow us to do is target a more specific ad to customers that have already been to the page. So in the ticket exchange example, we can serve a specific ad for a great ticket deal for team X that the customer has already been documented as browsing.

This remarketing feature both serves the customer with what they are interested in, in a specific manner as well as improving the conversion rates for a campaign within Adwords. Your common digital marketing courses will cover remarketing as well as the other Google tools in depth. So if you’re still nervous for the Adwords exam check out some of the tools within Adwords. Practicing is the best way to acclimate yourself with the levels and terminology.