Digital Marketing: What Not To Do

There are many methods and theories that will move you up pages in the search engine results, but what is rarely covered are what bloggers and SEO’s alike do that make their page rank fall. First thing’s first, if you are doing or have done any of these things accidently or purposefully, stop and seek corrective action immediately. A few things that can really damage your reputation with the search engines are duplicate content, writing a blog very similar to another’s, or simply copying and pasting content from another page. These things can get your page falling in a hurry. Next on the list is not as obvious; you don’t want to remove content from your page or significantly change it for that matter. When your page is crawled by the search engines it builds a reputation based on that content, so if that great post isn’t there or is hardly the same, the bots see the site as losing a leg and thus less valuable for the users.

For larger corporations or serious hit generating bloggers, a tricky issue is moving content between domains. Developing a long-standing reputation is difficult to do while copying and pasting is very simple. So when a new domain pops up with your large corporation’s content on it, the bots won’t know the difference. It’s either duplicate content or a brand new one that will need to sit in the google sandbox.

Looking at potential problems on a long-term scale, the best practice is to pay attention to trends in google algorithms. As was discussed in the previous post, Google Humming bird was released in August 2013 and with it came changes to the way users receive content form the engine and how the engines present that content. This is a reoccurring trend. Google is very proactive, and as an SEO it would behoove you to be the same. Get ahead of the trend and match your content to the new algorithm by hitting the “How-to” bandwagon and making your content user friendly with the answers to questions. Because on the contrary, if you’re stuck in the past you can be wasting valuable SEO time by no longer giving the bots what they’re looking for.

Digital marketing courses will assuredly aid you in keeping your rank up, or if you are in an established organization, I suggest consulting other SEO’s and IT professionals about how to move your content and keep up with the trends of the times


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