Digital Marketing Courses: What would I learn from them?

In some of the top digital marketing schools you can expect to learn a bevy of digital marketing strategies and tactics for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. So far we have looked at what schools provide the training, what some of the major topics are and scratching the surface on how the tools work. For example, Google Adwords. Moving deeper we can plunge into some of the depths of Adwords and touch on the Google partners program.

The top digital marketing courses, if they’re of any validity, will prepare you to be a Google Partner, formerly known as the google certification exam. Being a Google Partner gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of within Adwords by testing you on the various levels within Adwords. In addition to the knowledge gained from the exams and reading material, having the partnership sits well with potential employers. It almost serves as a badge of validity. Being a google partner will ensure that you can navigate through the various levels of Adwords. For example: know that the campaign level is where you would be to look over the accounts that you have running for multiple businesses as well as browsing the billing information. Further than that, you would move to your ad groups where you would break down what you would be advertising for a specific campaign.  The image below will provide an example of how you might break down your campaign for online electronics shopping.


This is only a brief synopsis of the Adwords structure, to be able to move further and potentially become a google partner reading the Google partners training text ,as well as staying tuned because the depths of Adwords will be discussed in future blogs.


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