Tools to become a successful Digital Marketer/SEO.


Well as I’m sure everyone has heard, Google is a powerful tool. This holds true for digital marketers as well. Google currently offers an application called Google Adwords. This tool is useful to marketers and business owners alike. The tool can be used to compile data on the keywords being searched through Google search. This is useful to marketers because it provides us with the data on the topics with which they’re trying to market. So, utilizing the keyword planner we can find the optimal location to place advertisements.

The Keyword planner goes a few layers deep. Not only will it enable marketers to find keywords to advertise upon, it will also help them narrow their scope for the advertisements. For example, an auto dealership in Ann Arbor, Michigan has a pretty slim chance of pulling sales from customers in Toledo. The tool will enable you to narrow the scope to the specific areas that you feel your target market resides.

In addition to the features of scope already discussed, Ad words lets the customization run deeper. Marketers can designate a specific time period for certain ads. For example, if a local bar had a low budget they could only run their ads from 7 to 11 pm, the optimal times for bar goers to be checking the feeds and heading out. Optimization at its finest.


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