SEO Basics for Digital Marketers

This video tells us the basic concepts of Digital Marketing, more specifically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it is practiced.


Tools to become a successful Digital Marketer/SEO.


Well as I’m sure everyone has heard, Google is a powerful tool. This holds true for digital marketers as well. Google currently offers an application called Google Adwords. This tool is useful to marketers and business owners alike. The tool can be used to compile data on the keywords being searched through Google search. This is useful to marketers because it provides us with the data on the topics with which they’re trying to market. So, utilizing the keyword planner we can find the optimal location to place advertisements.

The Keyword planner goes a few layers deep. Not only will it enable marketers to find keywords to advertise upon, it will also help them narrow their scope for the advertisements. For example, an auto dealership in Ann Arbor, Michigan has a pretty slim chance of pulling sales from customers in Toledo. The tool will enable you to narrow the scope to the specific areas that you feel your target market resides.

In addition to the features of scope already discussed, Ad words lets the customization run deeper. Marketers can designate a specific time period for certain ads. For example, if a local bar had a low budget they could only run their ads from 7 to 11 pm, the optimal times for bar goers to be checking the feeds and heading out. Optimization at its finest.

How Competitive is Digital Marketing?

Lets take a look at the frame work for search results, as you can see in the picture at the bottom of the post, a great deal of the screen from a typical search result is comprised of paid advertisements. The usual places consist of the top of the page, the upper right bar, and the bottom of the page. The ads at the top and the bottom of the results consist of a yellow border notifying the, now educated, searchers that it is in fact an advertisement.  These advertisements are considered “paid” and the typical searches that are not advertisements are considered “organic” searches.

Now to address the question, “why is it so competitive?” Well, according to a study done by Search Engine Watch, 85 percent of the clicks from search results are organic vs. 15 percent paid. They went on to say that 53 percent of the organic clicks go to the top result, 15% to the second, 9% to the third, and 6% for the fourth. The trend continues.  What makes this information useful is the fact that these clicks are converted to dollars and the jump of 53 to 15 percent can calculate to a significant difference in revenue for the respective companies.

The underlying point here is that it pays to be at the top of the search results and it stings to come in second and third. In an industry where metrics are compiled for every click and possible variation it is wise to invest in good ads and develop good links. Simply put, if you fail you could be out of a job in a hurry.

 Digital Picture

Some Respected Digital Marketing Schools.

If we take a look through some Google search results we can see a few prominent schools appearing near the top. Because of this, the information shared will be based on what’s in the Google results.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn, in Dearborn Michigan.

Georgetown University, in Washington D.C.

Rutgers University, in New Brunswick New Jersey.

Digital Marketing image

I would be happy to discuss more schools but that would require scrolling down in the search results… Which is not ideal especially with regards to digital marketing. The schools above have my respect with little research solely based on page rank. It would be difficult to convince me that a school has excellent Digital marketing program if they cannot illustrate critical digital marketing techniques. Google page rank being one of high importance.

Some Digital Marketing Education

The Beautiful thing about Digital Marketing and its training is that the knowledge is plentiful. Students and professionals entrenched in the field are generous enough to share the knowledge. For example one of the key factors in developing a thriving website is the generation of Links or commonly called Back Links. A page gains notoriety and rank within search engines based on the Level of content and the number of links they have. 

The links that hold the most value are Back Links that are coming to your page. These links are someone else posting a link to your page on their site. For example the guys/and gals at run an exceptional page for Digital Marketing and because of that I will provide them a Back Link for there educational page that I feel will be beneficial for everyone interested in digital Marketing training. 

The benefits of working together cannot be understated with regards to Digital Marketing. Team work makes the dream work.